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Rituals to Know About Pitru Tarpan Pooja

Hindu Dharma is full of religious rituals. In Hindu Dharma there are significant rituals and for each aspect of one’s life. Right from the mother’s pregnancy to the kid’s birth, him getting marriage, death, and even after the death. Hindus believe that their ancestors are always with them and give blessings. Thus, it is very … Read more

Everything About Cremation Services?

In the Hindu religion, cremation is very oblivious after death. For Hindus cremation is not a choice but it holds religious values. You’ve probably heard of cremation, but you may wonder about the specifics. How does cremation work? What other decisions will you need to make during the cremation? Can you avail of a service … Read more

Hindu Funeral Rituals: And Their Meaning

Over a billion people worldwide participate in Hinduism’s third-largest Funeral ritual. Hinduism believes in the almighty source of power, the god, to be within every living and non-living object under the sun. According to Hindu Shastra, the purpose of life is to be aware of this divine essence and get the good going on within … Read more

Find out Everything about Different Cold Storage

Life and death are the only certain and the most unpredictable things. No one knows what is going to happen next. Thus, we all should cherish every second of living as well as be prepared for death. Though such quotes and wisdom talks sound very grateful, whenever the time of death comes it shakes us … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Cold Storage

 When there is death of loved one it is very difficult to make decisions. It is very important for a immediate family member to make quick and wise decisions with respect to funeral services. It is very important to preserve the body if the cremation is going to take a long time. Kumar International Services … Read more

What Justifies Hiring a Funeral Service Provider?

Bidding a final goodbye to a lost loved one is the toughest task one has to do, but that’s the reality of the life cycle. At this juncture, the human race is helpless before nature, the almighty, or the supreme power. In such a time all one should do is give an appropriate funeral ceremony … Read more

Answers to Your Questions About Cremation Service-2

Answers to Your Questions About Cremation Service-2

Many individuals have inquiries about funeral homes and whether or not they feel safe doing so. Hope that this will help you. Please contact Kumar funeral services directly if you have any other questions that you would like us to add to this list. 1) What should we do if a family member dies away … Read more

Cremation Ghats In Varanasi:

Cremation Ghats In Varanasi:

Kumar Funeral Service Provide End-To-End Cremation Service In Varanasi. Our compassionate staff will take care of everything for you. Including the hearse van, freezer boxes, shraadh priests, and cremation services. The Raja Harishchandra ghat in Varanasi, One of the holiest places for cremation in India. During the first wave of covid which hit India in … Read more

Cremation Services

Our Services Wood Pyre and Electric Cremation are both available 24 hours a day. Transportation is provided by a mortuary van, hearse van, or ambulance van Transportation of loved ones’ bodies from one city to another, including home delivery and point-to-point delivery. Freezer Boxes facilities preserve human remains frozen for up to a week. End-to-end … Read more