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Answers to Your Questions About Cremation Service-2

Answers to Your Questions About Cremation Service-2

Many individuals have inquiries about funeral homes and whether or not they feel safe doing so. Hope that this will help you. Please contact Kumar funeral services directly if you have any other questions that you would like us to add to this list. 1) What should we do if a family member dies away … Read more

Cremation Ghats In Varanasi:

Cremation Ghats In Varanasi:

Kumar Funeral Service Provide End-To-End Cremation Service In Varanasi. Our compassionate staff will take care of everything for you, including the hearse van, freezer boxes, shraadh priests, and cremation services. The Raja Harishchandra ghat in Varanasi, One of the holiest places for cremation in India. During the first wave of covid which hit India in … Read more

Cremation Services

Our Services Wood Pyre and Electric Cremation are both available 24 hours a day. Transportation is provided by a mortuary van, hearse van, or ambulance van Transportation of loved ones’ bodies from one city to another, including home delivery and point-to-point delivery. Freezer Boxes facilities preserve human remains frozen for up to a week. End-to-end … Read more

Freezer Box Services In Delhi

Dead body freezer box services in delhi In Delhi, Kumar Funeral Services offers a dead body freezer box for hire. They are specifically designed to preserve the deceased’s body. The body may begin to decay and emit a foul odor soon after death. Our freezer box services will protect the deceased’s body from decomposition and … Read more

Funeral service in Pune

Funeral service in Pune The unexpected death of a family member can have a negative impact on the lives of those left behind to grieve them. Our caring and compassionate staff of Kumar funeral Services strives to provide quality funeral arrangements in Pune to say a final goodbye to the memory of the lost loved … Read more

Funeral services in Hyderabad.

Kumar Funeral Services offers funeral services and post-cremation services throughout Hyderabad. When a loved one dies suddenly, you don’t have time to think or react. This is the toughest and most stressful time of your life. Kumar Funeral Service is a professional end-of-life service organization in Hyderabad led by knowledgeable and experienced, trained, and compassionate … Read more

Hearse Van services in Delhi

Getting a Hearse Van in Delhi The unexpected death of a family member can be devastating and have long-term consequences. However, it is critical to remember the dead and ensure that their final rites are perfect. Over 190 million people live in Delhi, and the number of accidents has recently increased.  What is the vehicle … Read more

Hindu funeral rituals.

What is Done in Hindu funeral rituals: When we start talking about Hindu funeral rituals, we need to understand what Hinduism is all about. Hinduism is a religion, and many of you may know that the word Hinduism is not a Hindu word at all. This word was given to us maybe 300 AD back … Read more

Pet cremation services in Bangalore

Seeing anyone on their last days is very hard and heartbreaking as well. Even the emotions and pain don’t allow us to do anything. At that time, making ritual arrangements was almost impossible. We all have to face this one day or the other in our lives, whether we agree or not.  In order to … Read more

Importance of Dead body Freezer box

Dead body freezer box

A freezer box keeps a dead body frozen for a few hours before cremation and exhibits a body to family, friends, and relatives. Kumar Funeral Services can help you rent a dead body freezer box near you anyplace in India. Call 8088131863/9606222446 or visit kumarfuneralservices.com. To rent a dead body freezer box in Bangalore, Chennai, … Read more